Casino two-tier affiliate programs


Casino two-tier affiliate programs.
What are casino two-tier affiliate programs? Here is an example: You sign up in a casino affiliate program to promote their casino, that is to send prospective players to them. You collect a percentage of the earning that the casino makes from this player. Some casinos also have a two-tier program, which allows you to promote their affiliate program, in other words you recruit affiliates for them. These affiliates will create web pages on which they will advertise the casinos of the program. The affiliates that you recruit are your "sub affiliates". These affiliates will make money every time they send players to the casino and the casino makes money from them. Because these affiliates are your sub affiliates, you collect a percentage of the earnings.

Here is an example.

You may not make a lot of quick money in a two-tier program. However, in the long run you can make big money. In the long run one of your sub-affiliates will be successful making many thousands of dollars per month, some make $50,000.00 to 100, 000.00. You end up making awesome money, some say more than what they make from work. Some affiliate programs give you 30 to 40% !!!
Here is an example.

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